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Averdia is an Australian startup business with a ZERO PLASTIC policy. Our goal is to enable and encourage a zero plastic lifestyle. Organic skincare is our first range of many zero plastic products.

We are launching our crowdfunding campaign 25th July, but we need your help! Please sign up to show your support and learn more about living plastic free. As a thanks for signing up, we'll plant a tree in Africa on your behalf!

Our jars are unique because they are made of 100% wood, which means they are compostable. Unlike other brands, we don't rely on the failing system of recycling. We are here to reduce the amount of plastic entering the oceans and landfills.

We use wood for a number of reasons:

  • Unlike plastic, glass and metals, wood is a renewable resource
  • Wood will completely compost as it is 100% natural. Our jars are not treated with chemicals
  • It is a beautiful material and can be reused as a jewellery pot or pot plant
  • The valuable jars can be reused through our refill program (details coming soon - sign up for more info)

Each tree that Averdia uses as material can produce 400-600 jars. BUT, for every jar purchased, we will plant 1 tree in Africa. So, for every tree that we use, we are replacing it 400-600 times!

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts from a large number of people.

Our crowdfunding campaign will allow you to be one of the FIRST to purchase from our skincare product range. During this pre-sale, you will receive massive, ONE TIME ONLY, early bird discounts! The funds raised will cover the production of the first order.

Our crowdfunding campaign launches 25th July on Indiegogo.com. Sign up now to receive exclusive updates on our campaign and products.

We are launching our crowdfunding campaign 25th July. Our initial launch will include a range of organic and handmade skincare products:

  • Lavender & Lemon Body Butter
  • Cucumber Eye Balm
  • Dead Sea Mud Mask

We will also be launching other zero plastic products (details coming soon - sign up to be the first to know).

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