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An Idea Was Born

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What is Our Story?

It all started when we watched a documentary on the recycling crisis going on in Australia.

Until this day, we had been environmentally conscious people, comfortable in the knowledge that we were recycling everything that we could, and not causing harm to the earth.

The reality was that we were living in ignorance.

The Four Corners episode we watched shed light on Australia’s failing recycling system, and showed that instead of recycling the materials collected, recycling companies were largely storing them in warehouses or shipping them to landfills. This is because Australia doesn’t have the infrastructure to recycle in large volumes, and as a result, it is now cheaper to produce from new materials overseas than to use recycled materials!

We were shocked and confused. We felt defeated and powerless.

But, from our despair, rose an idea. What if we did not have to rely on this failing system? What if we could live without generating any waste and have no negative impact on the earth?

Thinking along these lines, we set off on our zero waste journey. But now, more than ever, we started noticing plastic EVERYWHERE. In our supermarkets, family gatherings, pharmacies, and particularly hygiene products! We had a huge amount of difficulty finding accessible, zero-waste options for skin care! Even the ones that did not use plastic were filled with nasty chemicals we couldn’t even pronounce!

This is when we decided to make a change. We wanted to make the world a better place, so we set up Averdia. Our business would plant trees in Africa, have ZERO chemicals and nasties, and most importantly, provide people with alternative packaging that would not end up in landfills or the oceans and harm wildlife (because it can be reused or composted!). Our dream was finally taking shape!

We collaborated with a local aromatherapist with 30 years of experience to formulate our unique skincare products, and to ensure we were providing people with the highest quality natural skin care out there. We chose to make our jars out of wood and not use ANY chemicals to treat the wood. Also, our packaging is completely plastic-free. Our beautiful jars can be reused as jewellery boxes or pot plants or can simply be tossed in the compost, as they are 100% natural.

We strive every day to be the most ethical company that we can be. We combined our mission and activities in one philosophy that rings most true to us:

“Action is the only true measure of ethics.”

Our crowdfunding campaign is launching on the 25th of July and we are counting on your support to bring our mission of making the world a better place to life.

We are grateful to be on this journey with you!


  • Peter Chapson- Thank you Peter, we appreciate the feedback. Our products are not tested on animals. Funds sufficient to plant the total amount of emails collected are being donated on a regular basis to the Trees for the Future organisation, and they are doing the planting in Africa on our behalf. You can find out more about their work at

    Tim Ball- Hi Tim, we are concerned that you think we are scamming people. Please explain why you feel this way? We have not taken any money or sold anything as of yet, as we are launching our campaign on the 25th. Please feel free to email me with your concerns about anything we’ve explained in our story to so I can address them in detail. Thanks

    Jonathan Cassell- Our Dead Sea Mud Mask is completely vegan. All of our products are cruelty free. Our Body Butter and Eye Balm currently contain beeswax, however we are in the process of adjusting our recipes to use a vegan alternative instead.

    Jarrah Hudson- Hi, our products are not tested on animals, however we have tested their use and durability in collaboration with our employee who has been in the skincare industry for 30 years.

    Ruth- Thank you very much for your support, we really appreciate it. When we launch on the 25th, you will receive an email with a link to our crowdfunding campaign where you will be able to purchase the products. This link can be sent to people all over the world.

  • This whole thing sounds like a scam?

    Tim Ball
  • Product looks good. Has this been tested on animals? Photos of the planted trees?

    Peter Chapson
  • Its all looking SO good, best wishes for launch. How do I get product here in SWR, do I go online to order after 25/7? Can I send details overseas to UK and USA to sign up? Stephen Covey who wrote 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said: “sew a thought, reap an action, sew an action reap a habit, sew a habit reap a character, sew a character reap a destiny.” That’s what you guys are doing, its great. love Ruth

    Ruth Murnain
  • Vegan?

    Jonathan Cassell

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